TopVue Air (6 lenses) + LAIM-CARE Solution 400 ml

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TopVue Air (6 lenses)
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Package parameters: Item regular price Kr 219
LAIM-CARE Solution 400 ml
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TopVue Air Monthly Contact Lenses

TopVue Air are the latest generation of advanced silicone-hydrogel, monthly contact lenses. TopVue lenses are renowned for their exceptional breathability and hydration. Their advanced lens design guarantees unparalleled comfort and clear, healthy vision.

Laim-Care contact lens solution

Laim-Care is an isotonic, multipurpose cleaning solution for disinfecting and storing all types of soft contact lenses. This innovative solution contains hyaluronic acid, also known as sodium hyaluronate, which is one of the human body's natural lubricating substances. It effectively helps moisturise, clean, and disinfect contacts to ensure all-day comfort and clarity. This package contains one 400 ml bottle of solution and one antibacterial lens case.

Egenskaper - TopVue Air (6 lenses)

Filter: Manufacturer: Filter: TopVue
Filter: BC: Filter: 8.60
Filter: DIA: Filter: 14.20
Filter: Pack size: Filter: 6 lenses
Filter: Oxygen permeability: Filter: 100 Dk/t
Filter: Expiration: Filter: 24 months and more
Filter: Replacement schedule: Filter: 30 Days
Filter: Water content: Filter: 45%
Filter: Power range: Filter: from -12.00 to +8.00
Filter: Lenses Material 2: Filter: Innofilcon A
Filter: Extended or overnight wear: Nei
Filter: UV filter: Nei
Filter: Lenses Product name: Filter: TopVue Air
Filter: Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Ja
Medical Device: Ja

Egenskaper - LAIM-CARE Solution 400 ml

Filter: Manufacturer: Esoform
Filter: Solution type: Filter: Universal
Filter: Volume: Filter: 400 ml
Filter: Expiration: Filter: 12 months and more
Filter: Usability after opening: Filter: 3 months
Filter: Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Ja
Konserveringsmidler: Ja
Medical Device: Ja

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