Biofinity XR (3 lenses)

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Biofinity XR contact lenses

Biofinity XR are silicone hydrogel monthly lenses produced by CooperVision. They are intended to correct high myopia and hyperopia, so they are produced with high plus and minus diopters and function as an expansion on the classic Biofinity line. Their lens material combines high water content with excellent oxygen permeability.

Coopervision aquaform technology icon Biofinity XR feature Aquaform® Technology. This innovative technology combines materials in a unique way and locks water into the lens. Aquaform® allows for a high oxygen transmissibility while keeping the lenses moist, soft and flexible.

Coopervision comfort icon A balanced combination of quality material, advanced design and excellent optical properties result in highly breathable lenses that will feel comfortable throughout the day.

Coopervision extended wear icon Biofinity monthly contact lenses are intended for daily wear, but are also suitable for occasional sleeping or extended wear. They can be worn continuously for 30 days and 29 nights. However, this method of wearing should always first be approved by an eye care specialist.

This package of Biofinity XR contacts contains 3 lenses.

Egenskaper - Biofinity XR (3 lenses)

Filter: Manufacturer: Filter: CooperVision
Filter: BC: Filter: 8.60
Filter: DIA: Filter: 14.00
Filter: Pack size: Filter: 3 lenses
Filter: Expiration: Filter: 12 months and more
Filter: Oxygen permeability: Filter: 128 Dk/t
Filter: Replacement schedule: Filter: 30 Days
Filter: Water content: Filter: 48%
Filter: Lenses Product name: Filter: Biofinity XR
Filter: Lenses Material 2: Filter: Comfilcon A
Filter: Power range: Filter: from -20.00 to +15.00
Filter: UV filter: Nei
Filter: Extended or overnight wear: Ja
Medical Device: Ja

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